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Jumis Ensemble

Hi all!

Hope everyone who is reading this is well and taking care. Like everyone at the moment, these have been strange and challenging times. However, I've used this time to think, reflect and grow ... be it all at home!

Today I'm delighted to co-launch the Jumis Ensemble:

‘Jumis’ – the beginning of life, bringer of prosperity and good luck. A Latvian symbol, highlighting our Violinist Sabine’s heritage, has been adopted as our own. The ensemble aims to bring music and prosperity to all corners of society.

I'm really excited about some of the projects we have planned - we'll be revealing these in the coming months. Do follow and share the links below:

As a taster, you can see an extract from the slow movement of Schumann's Piano Quartet - it's got a BEAUTIFUL cello solo played by the wonderful Toby White!

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